LC’s Birth Story, Part I

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I was very very very lucky to have had a relatively easy pregnancy.  Aside from slipping on a patch of ice and falling and hitting my head around week 27,the worst thing that happened was the development of varicose veins in my right leg around week 30.  At the time I was pretty upset, I think because I tended to anticipate the worst happening, but their appearance was one thing I never expected because I had no family history and no risk factors other than being on my feet at school.  I wore compression stockings around the clock for the last 10 weeks…not so fun in 80-90 degree weather.  It’s petty to complain about, though, given what many other women go through.

All that to say, I had a totally normal pregnancy and anticipated a normal delivery.  LC was due on March 17, a Thursday, and that week I was on spring break.  My youngest sister, Leah, was also on spring break from her college and had flown out to Texas to spend her vacation with us.  We were all hoping that LC would come early, so that Leah could meet her niece, and so that I would have some extra time at home with the baby.  I was only going to be able to take six weeks of leave, and the clock started ticking on Monday the 21st.  Our other sister, Lauren, had her son less than two weeks earlier, and he came a day early, so I was hopeful that LC would be early as well.  I didn’t explicitly talk to my belly all throughout my pregnancy, but now I told my baby that she wasn’t allowed to be more than three days late.

I spent the week walking, walking, walking, but on Thursday the 17th, her due date, there was no sign of her coming.  I had a doctor’s appointment first thing that morning, and I was dismayed to learn that I had made NO progress. Not dilated, not effaced.  The baby had dropped some, but was probably still at least at +1 station. My doctor was encouraging; she reminded me that everything could change very quickly, BUT they were only giving me until Monday before an induction.  I left the office discouraged: I hadn’t made a birth plan, but I had wanted to avoid an induction or C-section and suddenly more than ever I wanted to know what it felt like to go into labor on my own, and now I was sure I wasn’t going to have that chance.  Leah and I went to Corner Bakery and I drowned my sorrows in maple syrup and French toast.

Friday came and went, and this is the part where I wish I had written this sooner, because I can’t even remember what we did that day, but I’m sure it involved complaining about 1) being hot 2) wearing compression hose while it was so dang hot and 3) STILL being pregnant.  On Saturday I got up early and made individual spinach lasagnas to freeze so that we’d have something easy to eat on one of those first nights home from the hospital.  It was Leah’s last day with us; her flight was scheduled for Sunday morning.

After dinner Saturday we went to the Chamizal, a park near the Mexican border.  Leah ran, while the Hubs, Duncan and I walked.  I noticed the full moon and remarked that I thought full moons were supposed to induce labor.  How annoying that after all my walking AND a full moon, I still felt totally normal.  W and I lay in bed that night talking.  We decided that after we took Leah to the airport we’d run over to Michael’s and Babies R Us to get a couple of last minute things for LC’s room.  I felt glad that at least her late arrival meant that I could tie up some loose ends on my to-do list. And with that decided, I went to sleep.

To be continued…

Surprise! I wasn't pregnant forever, after all!


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