Salmon and Veggies in Parchment

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The other day, Nodakademic wrote a post about her reasons for subsisting on a mostly take-out/processed food/cake-flavored vodka (!!) diet (for the time being).  I left a comment about how much I love junk food (it kinda hurts to call it “junk”), and it’s true.  I usually start the day healthy with a bowl of Fiber One Raisin Bran, and I even measure out the serving.  But from there, I go to second breakfast, which may or may not involve a Nonni’s biscotti and/or Lotus speculoos with my morning coffee.  I try to usually have at least a serving of fruit, and a semblance of a healthy lunch, often with yogurt or a sandwich on low-calorie bread, but what kills me and my efforts at eating healthily is the snacking.  In between second breakfast and lunch, I’ll usually have a handful or three (or five) of dark chocolate M&Ms (peanut or regular), or maybe a Kashi granola bar if I’m trying to be good (love the Cherry Chocolate Chip and Honey Flax), and between lunch and dinner there are often more M&Ms, or animal crackers, or a Little Debbie’s Pumpkin Delight.  Mostly I enjoy something I can just grab a handful of (hence the candy and animal crackers), but the problem is that I can never stop with just a handful.

Anyway, the point is, to try to make up for all the extra snack calories consumed during the day, I try to make something healthier for dinner (plus, the Army sort of frowns on overweight service members, so I’ve got my husband to think of as well).  I’ve mentioned before how much I love Cooking Light magazine; I’ve gotten a large chunk of my recipes there for the past several years.  This fish recipe is my new favorite way to prepare salmon.  Remember, we live nowhere near the ocean, in an area not known for its culinary prowess, so to speak.  The original recipe calls for Arctic char; I’m pretty sure that no one here has ever heard of that, so I substitute frozen, wild caught salmon filets.  Not ideal, but it works for me until I can get back to the East Coast. Also, when you make this, don’t bother to trace a heart and cut it out. A rough circle works just fine.

The benefits of this recipe are:

  • It’s quick (the faster you can chop veggies, the faster you can get it in the oven)
  • It’s easily adaptable: you can change the type of fish, or which veggies you use, or even switch up the herbs. Once I used fresh sage, but this week I used dried thyme.
  • It’s healthy and it tastes good enough that I look forward to making it again.


I didn’t get to take any of my own pictures this time because the baby was on the verge of a meltdown while I was cooking (and reached nuclear meltdown levels right before it came out of the oven).  But y’all. It was SO good (even though I had to eat mine cold). I served mine over rice, but couscous or another grain would also be great here.

Now, can someone help me say goodbye to my snack friends and get back on the exercise train?


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