Traveling with baby at 6 months

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There is more that I will add to this topic later, but I just want to quickly type a little now.

Yesterday I traveled about 2000 miles from our house to my mom’s so that I can stand up as a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding this coming weekend.  My friend B asked me to be a bridesmaid while I was pregnant, and I talked it over with my husband and we both thought that there would be no reason why I couldn’t accept.

And then as we got closer to the wedding, there was one snag: he wouldn’t be able to make the trip with me, and due to his work/classesand my breastfeeding, I also had to bring Miss LC. By myself. Cue freaking out and hair pulling.

 Yesterday we traveled for about 12 hours, including times to and from the airport, and a 3.5 hour layover in Chicago.  And friends, I am here to tell you: YOU CAN DO IT. It’s not guaranteed to go well, but it can.

My number one piece of advice for traveling alone with an infant? Have a plan and make things as easy as possible for yourself.

I flew alone with LC in July but she was barely four months old then, and now she’s nearly seven months and crawling and wriggling and much harder to entertain so I was very nervous.

Baby and daddy playing at the airport. Escort pass FTW!

This time, I’m so glad I:

  • cancelled the cheap flight that required a 3-hr drive to my parents’ house after
  • dressed nicely to fly
  • brought the snap ‘n go AND the ergo
  • took the diaper bag as my carry-on and packed LIGHT (well, as light as possible, and my checked suitcase was still overweight. FAIL.)
  • accepted help whenever it was offered to me
  • smiled a lot and used my super cute baby to win the hearts of my fellow passengers

More detail on how it all went down (and how I was so lucky that LC cooperated so well, even past her bedtime) soon!


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