Stroller Review: Joovy Zoom 360 (vs. BOB Revolution)

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I wanted a jogging stroller.   I wanted a BOB.  I did not want to spend $400 $450 on a jogging stroller, because to be honest, I wasn’t sure how often I would use it.  It’s scorching hot eight months out of the year and our neighborhood is chock full of steep hills.  I also have a teeeeensy issue with starting something and not sticking with it.

So.  After a few weeks (months?) of late-night Google searches and reading of Amazon reviews, we bit the bullet and bought the Joovy Zoom 360.  We’ve now owned it for five months, and I can now succinctly say that I love it and I’m glad we got it over the BOB.

A few key points:

  • I find the Joovy to be just as stylish as the BOB.
  • Baby seems very comfortable, and the seat is easy to adjust.
  • In the Amazon reviews I read, some people complained that the handle bar was a little too high.  I’m 5’6″ and I have not found this to be an issue.
  • My sister owns a BOB and my mom takes it on long (~7 miles) runs several times a week.  She tested my stroller over Christmas and said she prefers the parent console on the Joovy (and it comes included with the stroller! Bonus!).
  • The Joovy Zoom 360 is about 4 pounds heavier than the BOB Revolution.  My mom noticed this difference, but she said it wasn’t a big deal.  I personally do not find the stroller to be too heavy.
  • The sun canopy is awesome, which was a key selling point for me.
  • We had a flat tire after we got it (not the fault of Joovy; we have these crazy burrs with giant thorns out here in the desert), and it was very easy to take to a bike shop and get new inner tubes.  Haven’t had a problem since.
Baby in Joovy Zoom 360

Ready for a run with Grandma!

I use this stroller for walks and runs.  I don’t take it in the car as a mall stroller and I don’t travel with it.  I think it would be a bit large for that.  I also think that if you, say, want to train for a half marathon with your baby as a friend of mine does, then the lighter weight of the BOB might make a difference to you. But I think for the average mom doing short-to-medium runs, the Joovy Zoom 360 is a fantastic value.

If you have any questions about my experience with this stroller, let me know and I’ll be happy to update the post with my answers.

*Suffice it to say, this was not a sponsored post (Is it necessary to say this every time you give your opinion about something?). We paid for our stroller out of our own pockets.


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