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January 30, 2012 at 10:20 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Lately I have had a lot I want to blog about; my head is filled with words that I’m ready to type, edit, post.  But I seem unable to find the time to sit down and get it done.  Part of this is having a baby, being tired after soothing a teething mess from 3-4:30 am, part of this is the other responsibilities of running and maintaining a household and my own (unrealistic?) expectations of what that should look like, and part of this is spending so much time being a consumer of other people’s blogs that by the time I’ve caught up with Google reader, Facebook, and Twitter (and is one really ever CAUGHT UP?) that, wow, it’s really late, and I have a child who seems to wake up earlier the later I stay up at night.

And yet, there are so many other moms on the Internet who seem to get it done, that these reasons feel like the flimsiest of excuses when I type them out.  So what’s their secret?  Is it because their kitchen floors don’t need to be swept and mopped every five minutes the way mine does?  Are they not constantly washing dishes?  Do they order take-out every night? Neglect their children?  Or do their angel children sleep 20 hours a day and entertain themselves the four hours they are awake?


Certainly not.  I know that if I want to write more, I need to prioritize better, and most importantly, for now anyway, spend a lot less time worrying about what others are writing (and just how do they manage to produce so much content and write two posts a day each with 37 edited images??)

How do you make time to blog?  Do you feel like you have to give something up in order to sit down to write?  How much time do you spend writing daily/weekly?



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  1. Making time for blogging is really not hard for me, although my blog admittedly is very much an amateur effort (I don’t even usually post pictures). Writing a post takes 10-60 minutes, depending on how much effort I put in; I post daily, so that’s like an hour/day of effort.

    My daughter is still young (11 months) and takes 2 naps/day, for a total of 15 hours slept every day. Since I only sleep 8, this means I have seven hours to fill. I usually do house chores when she’s awake; the ones I don’t do then take maybe an hour/day. Personal care etc. and logistical/organizational stuff are another hour each, so every day I have 4 hours of free time. Since I can’t usually leave the house then (since she’s asleep), blogging is like the perfect activity.

    I only have one child though, and don’t work (even part time or at home). Also, I have a cleaning lady who comes in for 4 hours/week to do the deep cleaning. I think it’s really different if those things aren’t true for you.

    • It sounds like we have a lot in common, actually, so I think I really just need to be more efficient with my time, especially after the baby is in bed for the night. It would help on a day like today, though, if she would nap for more than one hour!

      • Also, I meant to say, thanks for your thoughtful comment!

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