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We did it!

Last Monday, the movers came and began to pack up our household goods for the Great PCS of 2012.  Duncan spent Monday-Thursday at daycare, so I’m pretty sure he was in doggy heaven.  Finally, on Thursday, after every last time was either packed and loaded or tossed, we picked Duncan up from daycare and drove off into the sunset (actually, we were driving east, so the sunset was behind us, but whatever).

Devil's Whip

Devil’s Whip in our old neighborhood

We had this idea that if we drove at night, then LC would sleep and it would be easier to just get through the drive.  Honestly, I have debated whether I even wanted to document our trip, because I’m not sure I want to remember it.

Let’s start by saying that we only did a so-so job of prepacking.  We’re off to the East Coast on Tuesday, so when we packed, it was really at the front of my mind not to overpack our suitcases (because almost every time, we seem to be over the weight limit).  In my minimalist think-mode, we neglected to set aside some important things, like pillows.  So Monday-Thursday we had no pillows. Wednesday night we slept on a slowly-deflating air mattress with no pillows.  All this to say that by 6 pm on Thursday when we left I was already tired.

Ripe Eatery

Last meal at our favorite brunch spot.

The plan was to drive to Abilene, a little over 7 hours away.  I made sure to call the hotel to let them know we’d be arriving late. The drive started out well enough. We drove about 2 hours to Van Horn, and LC was still awake when we got there. I had an arsenal of toys up front to hand her when she got restless or bored and I sang to her and recited some of her  favorite books. When we were ready to leave Van Horn, it was nearly 8:30, so we expected LC to fall asleep. It was already over an hour past her bedtime.  Instead, she began to scream.  By now, it was dark (so I couldn’t see her in the mirror) and we were literally in the middle of nowhere in West Texas. After about 30 minutes she was still screaming hysterically and I thought I heard her throw up.  I called W, frantic, and we just picked an exit to pull over.  This particular exit had a sign for an observatory, and I thought maybe there would be a gas station. Instead,  once we took the exit, there was another sign for the observatory indicating it was another 39 miles down the road. Hah!

Anson,  TX

Town Hall in Anson, TX

So we pulled over to the side of the road, and she had indeed gotten sick (and pulled some of her hair out, as we noticed the next day).  As we got her cleaned up and calmed down, a swarm of bugs flew in my car, attracted to the lights.  Fabulous, just fabulous, to have a car full of WINGED NIGHTMARES just as we are trying to get back on the road.  W was great and managed to get them out, but the rest of the drive I kept worrying that we missed one and it was in the back seat feasting on my baby.

Anyway, we got back on the road and she started to cry again, but this time W had a great idea: to play the vacuum cleaner soundtrack that we used as white noise in her room for about 10 months (we recently got a new sound machine that we like better).   And it was a miracle: she stopped crying immediately.  The only problem was, I couldn’t turn it off or she would wake up. So yes, for about  four hours straight I was forced to listen to the sound of a vacuum cleaner. And, it’s not like I wasn’t already tired.  My vision was scarily blurry for at least the last hour of the drive and the last 20 miles or so I had to keep pinching and smacking myself to help me stay focused.  I didn’t come close to falling asleep or driving off the road, but the blurryness of things in general was just not good.

Finally at about 3 am (time change!) we rolled into Abilene and as I parked, W called to tell me that the hotel had considered us no-shows and had cancelled our reservation (someone didn’t see the note about our late check-in).  Fortunately, they did have a room for us.  We  had Duncan with us, so we couldn’t stay just anywhere.

W set up LC’s GoCrib (we love this thing!) and she went right to sleep, and we all slept in till 9 am. Woohoo!  We still had about 3 hours to go, and this time LC slept the whole way and I was able to listen to my audiobook instead of just white noise.

What’s this thing? Can I play in here?

So, we are here, in the land of green trees and four seasons (and humidity and bugs, apparently).  Tomorrow we head to OKC and on Tuesday morning we fly back East for 2 weeks.  We are looking forward to seeing our family and friends, but we are also ready just to be settled.  We cannot get housing until W officially signs onto post on the 15th, so in the meantime we are in limbo. It’s weird not having an address.

Last night we visited some friends who live on post and we got to see their house and we’re really pleased with how nice it is (though we’d love an extra bedroom). I plan to paint this time!  Lots to look forward to and we can’t wait to get settled!

Now, please share with me your travel nightmares so that we can commiserate!


LC at 13 months

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Just needed to jot down a few things while they’re fresh.

LC is so funny at 13 months. She is mostly walking everywhere and she does better walking in bare feet than in shoes. Walking everywhere means she is into EVERYTHING far more than I imagined possible. Lord help us all. She says “shoes” and then carries them all over the house. But don’t you dare try to put them on her feet.

She is very affectionate and loves a snuggle but she won’t give regular kisses. For now she just blows kisses and it’s sooo cute.

We are at 13 months still going strong with nursing. Hope to keep it up till she self-weans. Girlfriend does not want cow’s milk.

This baby GROWLS. A lot. She growls and chases you. It is hilarious and scary at the same time. W calls her a Baby Genghis Khan.

Speaking of scary, she can be a bit rough and I’ve been the one on the receiving end of it lately. During a peekaboo game with W, she head butted me in the teeth and split my lip. Today she hit me in the mouth with a can of tomato paste and chipped my tooth!!! (granted it’s a small chip from where I chipped it as a kid and it was repaired, but still!)

She was holding a can of tomato paste because we had a bag of pantry items to donate and she was amusing herself by packing and unpacking the bag. Then she started to stack the cans. She was able to stack 3 and even tried to get a fourth one on top, but alas, they toppled over.

We are going to be without Internet for a few days, but I’d like to come back and update this with more!


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We’re moving (to another state! soon!), so lately life has involved working on a seemingly endless checklist of Things That Must Get Done, and sadly blogging has not been on that list.  I’ve wanted to share some things, though, so I will have to make this quick.

  • I am obsessed with this song and it’s on repeat all the time.  I like that the lyrics are thought-provoking and meaningful and not about something violent (see: Pumped Up Kicks, We Are Young).  Also loving the Sting-esque vocals.
  • It was the 11th anniversary of W’s 21st birthday on Sunday.   We celebrated on Friday by having some friends over for dinner.  At W’s request,  I made fried chicken, baked beans, and buttermilk biscuits.  Our friends brought a delicious Caesar salad.  For dessert, I made a Chocolate-Crunched Caramel Tart from Baking with Dorie.  I followed the recipes for the  fried chicken and baked beans from Hugh Acheson’s A New Turn in the South.  The fried chicken was AMAZING.  W told me that the next time we go to Mississippi to visit his grandmother, I can show her how to make fried chicken.  I think that’s the biggest compliment he’s ever given me 🙂
  • LC is walking walking walking.  She looks like a little zombie walking with her arms out for balance.  Even though it’s a lot more work chasing her, I’m really looking forward to playing outside with her this summer (perk of moving: we’re going to have a real yard with grass!).
  • LC’s eczema is out of control.  On Saturday I took her out to lunch with me and on the way home she scratched up her leg so much that she was covered in blood.  She did the same thing to her arm yesterday when she was supposed to be napping.  She’s been dealing with this since she was at least 2-3 months old, and it just seems like we’ve never been able to get a good handle on it.  I have tried just about every cream on the market.  It’s really frustrating not knowing the cause or whether it will just go away on its own.  Today the pediatrician finally suggested we have her tested for some common allergies.  I’m really hoping that they’re environmental and will clear up when we move.  If you have any useful advice, I’d love to hear it.  No one in either of our immediate families has any kind of allergies (other than pollen) so this is totally new territory for us.

I’d like to write more, but that’s  all I have time for. I just wasted spent a lot of time on YouTube watching all of Gotye’s videos. *Sigh* I’m in love. Sorry, hubs!

Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter!  We had a great day.  I made a “cinnamon bun”  coffee cake this morning, and we made it to church (only 10 minutes late!).  We had a restful afternoon and enjoyed a delicious dinner of lamb chops and mascarpone mashed potatoes. W did the dishes, which was sweet. I think in total I probably consumed about 6,000 calories; most of them were worth it. The Easter Bunny even visited all three of us!  Thanks to him, I have some Starbucks treats in my future.

I just about died from the cuteness of LC’s Easter dress, and I just couldn’t get over how much she has changed since last year.  My little girl is growing fast.


I’m off to eat some pound cake slathered in lemon curd.  If you’re going to go over the top, might as well go all the way!

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