LC is 15 months!

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The three months between LC’s first birthday and the day she turned 15 months flew by in a blur.  I’m sure most of that had to do with our move and all the traveling that we did around that time, but part of it was also because she mastered so many new skills.  Almost every day since her birthday, it seems, she’s been wowing us with some new skill or “trick” (you know, if you count walking and talking as tricks).

One morning I was getting ready in the bathroom, and I looked over to find this scene. Typical and hilarious.

LC took her first hesitant steps the day before her first birthday, and then went promptly back to crawling.  But a week or two later, she just got up and went, first a few steps at a time, and within a week or so, she could go anywhere.  Let’s be clear: she is MY child, after all, so there have been many trips and falls, but she takes them all in stride and just pulls herself up and keeps going.  There have been few tears shed over bumps and falls.  And although she does sometimes go places she shouldn’t, for the most part, her mobility has made my life much easier.  I love being able to set her down outside and have her walk to the car (“Walk!” she commands).

Eating her first popsicle (homemade!) in the summer heat.

She’s also talking up a storm and for me, this has been the most delightful development EVER.  She had a few words at her first birthday, but around 14 months, her vocabulary soared.  She seems to add one or two new words a day, and at this point I have given up on trying to have a thorough and complete word list.  My best guess is somewhere just over 50 words.  At dinner, she’ll do the sign for “more” while shouting “More! More!”  It’s so cute to hear big words come out of a little mouth like that.  She loves identifying body parts (head, hair, eyes, nose, mouth, chin, ears, feet), and animals (sheep, fox, kitty, puppy, croco for crocodile, froggy, duck, etc).

With her daddy on Father’s Day.

LC is a pretty good eater most days.  Favorites are yogurt, cheese, pancakes, Annie’s mac and cheese, mandarin oranges and mixed fruit (she goes to the fridge and chants “Fruit! Fruit!”), grapes, crackers/anything carby, and pizza (the ultimate cheesy/carby delight!).  She still refuses to drink milk, and veggies are also a battle with her.  Some days she’ll eat them, but most days she refuses to even try them.  If it’s green, she picks it out. Oh how I wish I could say her favorite foods were kale, broccoli, and edamame.  The hardest part of mealtime is getting her to just TRY IT.  But I’m happy that overall she eats pretty well and is gaining weight.

Using two utensils helps you shovel it in faster!

Other favorites this month: the neighborhood splash park, throwing her football with Daddy, books books books and more books, ALL THE BOOKS, going to the library, and watching the occasional episode of Yo Gabba Gabba.  She just loves the music and dancing.   OH. And playing music–some of her FisherPrice toys play music when you press a button and she loves to press the button over and over again and dance by waving her arms.  Funny girl!

She is changing so much every day, so I really ought to save something for next month’s post.  I love this girl so much my heart is bursting!


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