Sweet/Tart Trivia

I love reading people’s “about” sections.  It’s a fun way to see a person in a nutshell, and it’s interesting to see what people choose to share about themselves. It’s only fitting that I have one, too!

1. I love to eat.  This is probably the number one thing my friends would say about me. And they would be right.

2. It’s hard to pick favorites, but I especially love cupcakes (for their frosting-to-cake ratio) and pancakes. And pretty much peanut butter anything. Oh. And pizza. Can’t forget pizza.

3. My husband is an Army officer. We were married in October 2008.

5. The huz and I are dog people.  We have a terrier mix named Duncan that we adopted not long after we moved.  This dog is the love.

6. I am a little bit of a cookware snob. I worked in a little local gourmet kitchen shop all through college and I’ve also worked for a  Major Upscale Cookware chain.  These retail jobs were seriously fun, people.  What beats working with fellow employees who love to cook and eat? If you need cookware/cutlery advice (wedding registry? upgrading?), I’m your go-to gal.

7.  I love crossword puzzles.  Done in PEN ONLY.

8.  Pet peeves include people who leave cabinet doors open and random whistling.

9. We recently moved.  This is my fourth city in five years. I like seeing and experiencing new places, but it’s hard making friends and then leaving them.

10.  I am slightly addicted to diet Dr. Pepper.  I used to drink regular Dr. Pepper until I gained 10 pounds after our wedding. Currently trying to avoid artificial sweetners, so regular DP it is, although I don’t let myself keep it in the house anymore.

11. I love towns with a great cafe culture.  Where we live now, there is pretty much only Starbucks.  That’s okay: my Starbucks loves are skinny nonfat vanilla lattes and nonfat peppermint mochas.

12. Breakfast cereal is awesome!  Lately, I am really loving Fiber One’s Caramel Delight  Raisin Bran.  If I were not married, I might eat cereal for three meals a day.

13. In March 2011, we welcomed sweet baby LC to our family.  She is pretty much the best baby ever.

14.  I’m a French teacher, but I dream of going back to school to become a Speech-Language Pathologist.

15. For the moment, I’m doing the SAHM thing; so far, so good!


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