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With the premiere of Katharine McPhee’s new show, Smash, airing tomorrow, a dear friend reminded me of this gem:

Pinky swear that you’ll watch this video, please. While there’s no doubt it’s catchy, the lyrics are absolutely ridiculous.

Hey let’s go
If they’re not too high
Too low
I’ll take them home 
(I’ll take them home)
In purple, red, or gold
Cuz I know them boys
They like those open toes
Those open toes

“Open Toes” is my #2 favorite “worst song ever.”  The number one spot is reserved for Des’ree’s song “Life,” which played all over France during my semester abroad in 2004.

I love that she rhymes “ghost” and “toast.”  And who the heck keeps a rabbit’s tail?

Do you have any favorite worst songs that I can add to my growing playlist?


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